How to calculate the payouts potential from

Revenue share and payouts model

For those familiar with crypto mining concepts, the following formulas are more-or-less industry standard and as such, require little explanation. That said, for developers joining the for the first time, payouts are simply determined by "hashes" contributed to the pool.

We pay for hashes!

What is hashing? A cryptographic hash function takes an input—a string of numbers and letters—and produces an output. In terms of, for monero, hash power generated (in this case) by mobile phone CPU-cycles, coupled with the CryptoNight hash algorithm eventually, creates a distinct block. The pays for every solved hash, and given the constantly changing computational environment, is adjusted algorithmically to adapt to the so-called global difficulty of the network. For the monero network, that adjustment timeline is roughly two hours.

Massive platform support

For the to work efficiently, we maintain a pool to support millions of concurrent miners, mobile phones, and use special technology to avoid latency, plus administrating terabytes of data, etc. So, in short, the job is not the same as a regular pool that usually supports a few thousand miners. As such, our revenue share is set at 30 percent.

The payout rate and revenue share calculation for is based on the following:

payout = (100% – pool commission percentage) × (your mined hashes ÷ (average of global network difficulty of the last 180 blocks ÷ average of rewards of the last 180 blocks))

With the current network difficulty of the last 180 blocks at xx.xxxG (updated xx/xx/xxxx xx:xx:xx GMT) and average block reward of the last 180 blocks at xxxx.xxxXMR, the resulting payout is:

(100% – 30%) × (your mined hashes ÷ (xx.xxxG ÷ xxxx.xxxXMR)) = xxxx.xxxXMR per 1Μ mined hashes

Immediate Payouts to Publishers!

Payouts are based on our SDK partners and publishers hitting a minimum threshold, which in turn releases 'payments' automatically and instantly to your account.