Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal?
Yes. Mining in the is entirely permission-based. The process does not start before a player chooses to do so (for example, in order to earn some in-game currency or other rewards). Most importantly, mining continues for only as long as the user has explicitly allowed it. The implementation in our SDK makes it absolutely impossible to mine in the background, or when the app is not running, or when the phone is locked.
Why Monero?
Monero is one of the 'top five' CPU-mineable coins in the world, and also configured to get the best out of mobile phone chip specifications. It has a widespread base of holders and can be used to both trade and exchange effectively. Consequently, Monero has appreciated significantly over time, highlighting its inherent value.
How much does it pay?
Given the known fluctuations in the marketplace, it is always wise to stay alert to exchange rate changes on a daily basis. The payouts page is regularly updated with this, and other information on your earnings potential.
What are the payment fees?
Unlike some services, there are no transaction (or other hidden) fees involved in mining Monero through applications.
How often do you do payouts?
The distribution of funds is practically instantaneous, in that, as soon as partners reach the minimum pay-out threshold, payments are released for use.
What platforms are supported?
The SDK works with both iOS and Android operating systems. iOS 4 and Android 4.4 are the minimum versions supported by the platform.
Is it Javascript based?
One of the main advantages of using the SDK, is that it is 100 percent native - as such, it does not use JavaScript.
Can I connect the SDK to another mining pool?
No, this can't be done as the is a proprietary platform and therefore unlike any of the 'open' mining pools in terms of its process flow and hash management.
Does the SDK require any client permissions, what data does it collect?
For ease of user adoption, no client side permissions are required – and the SDK does not collect any data at all.
How do i confirm payments?
The will send its payments to plain wallet addresses (up to 95 characters in length) and subsequently generate a payment ID, so publishers can conveniently look up the transaction confirmation details.